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Dr. A D Damodaran PhD(Leeds).

Brief bio-data

The Dr Damodaran started his scientific career in 1957 through joining the First Batch Training School in the then Atomic Energy Establishment, Trombay, later renamed as Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. For over 2 ˝ decades, he worked on Special Materials of interest in DAE programs while in BARC and later in Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad. After a brief stint as Technical Advisor (Chemical & Materials) for an electronics industry and as a senior Visiting Scientist at VSSC, he took over in 1985 as Director of the CSIR institute at Trivandrum, known earlier as Regional Research Laboratory and later re-named as National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology. He superannuated from this position in 1997. Along with a dozen of his colleagues, he has published over 150 research publications in SCI journals, involved in major T/T programs and also has obtained nearly two dozen patents in India and advanced countries. Connected with many relevant professional bodies, he is one of the early winners of the MRSI Medal and also a Life Member of Indian Institute of Metals. Almost matching with superannuation, he had briefly worked as also the Secretary to the Department of Science & Technology and Environment of Government of Kerala.

Since 1997 he entered into a totally new area of his intense life long interest, namely, issues on Science Policy related to Self-reliance and National Development, starting with Patents and Patenting practices as an IPR Consultant to VSSC/ISRO and concurrently in the same capacity to BARC/DAE for a few years and later as also as a specialist educator in the field.

He was a regular columnist for Financial Express for some time and his articles include “Patent Law: A Market-Economy-Based Instrument for Techno-Industrial Modernization, Where is Core Competence of Core Sector Units, Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights,PCT-Mediated IPR Globalization – The Head-on Challenge for Indian Industrial R&D, The New Patent Act: Implications for Drugs and Pharma Products with Case Studies, and so on. His invited review paper “Indian Patent Law in the post-TRIPS Decade: An S&T Appraisal” in Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol 13, September 2008, pp. 414 – 423 has summarized his findings extensively and the lessons to be learnt there from. In January 2001 he hosted a voluntary and educational - “a site exclusively devoted to propagating the Science, Technology and Management of Intellectual Property Rights in general and of Patents and Patenting Practices in particular among all those in India who are concerned with the same in their research, industrial / commercial activities and policy planning programs and to evolve as a Participating Forum on similar activities at International levels wherever feasible”. The site had concurrently involved itself on also serious contemporary techno-policy issues like India-US Nuclear Deal, TRIPS/Doha/AoA negotiations, neo-liberal policies related to S&T policies and self-reliance, and so on. Due to operational limitations, the site has been extensively refurbished since January, 2010. A limited number of earlier articles published on the site could be made available on request.
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